Photo By: Joss Martin

Aims of the Event

  • To determine World Cup Winners of Formation Skydiving in the 4-Way FS Event, 4-Way FS Female Event, 4-Way VFS Event, and 8-Way Event.


  • To determine the Champions of Artistic Events. (Freestyle and Freefly).


  • To determine the world standings of the competing teams.


  • To establish Formation Skydiving, Vertical Formation Skydiving, and Artistic Events world records.


  • To promote and develop Formation Skydiving, Vertical Formation Skydiving, and Artistic Events.

  • To present a visually attractive image of the competition jumps and standings (scores) for competitors, spectators and media.


  • To exchange ideas and strengthen friendly relations between the sport parachutists, judges, and support personnel of all nations.


  • To allow participants to share and exchange experience, knowledge and information.


  • To improve judging methods and practices.

Photo By: Niklas Daniel

Organizer & Officials

National Aeronautic Association:

President Greg Principato

National Federation:

United States Parachute Association

Executive Director Ed Scott


IPC Delegate

Kirk Verner

Organizing Committee:

Head of OC: Larry Hill

Members: Shawn Hill

George Hargis

FAI Controller:  Rina Gallo

Chief Judge of FS: Thierry Courtin

Chief Judge of AE: Silvia Wagner

Assistant to the CJs: Judy Celaya

Jury President: Patrice Girardin

Jury Member: Mark Szulmeyer

Jury Member: Mike Teuge

Electronic Scoring Operator: Ted Wagner

Meet Director: Bryan Burke

Deputy Meet Director: Shawn Hill

Photo By: Rich LaBarr

Rules and Regulations

The competition will be managed according to the FAI Sporting Code General Section, Sporting Code Section 5, and Rules Specific to the Events.

Skydive Arizona adheres to the USPA Basic Safety Regulations. SIM Section 2. Minimum opening altitude is 2,500 feet/750 meters. Helmets and AADs are not required but highly recommended. 


Landing turns over 90 degrees will not be allowed during the event.

Read more about Skydive Arizona's Safety Requirements.


Skydive Arizona has five identically configured DeHavilland Twin Otters which will be used for the competition.

The airplanes carry up to 23 jumpers. All have identical floater bars inside the door and videographer step and handles outside, behind the door.


Door measurements are 127 cm. high and 140 cm. wide. A floater bar the length of the door is inside the plane. 84 cm. behind the door, on the same level as the floor, is a videographer’s step. Above and behind the door are videographer handles.


Exit speed will be 85 – 90 knots