What are the date and times of the competition?

The opening ceremonies are Monday October 7th at 4pm. The competition runs from October 8th-12th beginning at 8am and ending at 6pm. 

Will spectators be able to see anything?

Yes. When the competitors land their parachutes, it can be quite eventful and fun to watch. We will also have a large LED screen to broadcast the in-air footage from each skydive.

Do I have to know about the rules in order to enjoy this event?

We will have volunteers available to discuss the point systems and how the skydives are scored. You can ask questions and read a little about each event in the program. 

Is this event fun for children?

Watching parachutes is fun for all ages! We also have an indoor skydiving facility that kids ages 3+ can learn to "skydive" with an instructor.

Will there be other entertainment besides the competition?

The competition is the main event, however, the opening ceremonies on Monday October 7th will include some extra fanfare.

What should I bring with me to watch the event?

There will be some bleachers available for seating but if you'd like, you can bring a lawn chair to sit in. October weather in Eloy will be very warm so make sure you are dressed for hot weather and wear sunscreen. Don't forget your camera!

What should I NOT bring to the event?

Pets are not allowed on Skydive Arizona property so leave the fur babies at home. Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs and weapons are not allowed on Skydive Arizona Property.

What is the cost of admission?

Spectators will not be charged any admission or parking fee. Please understand that this event is primarily focused on the competition and any disturbance to the athletes or judges will be removed.

Will there be food and beverages?

The Bent Prop Saloon is the bar and restaurant on site. There will also be a small selection of food trucks. 

Where is Skydive Arizona Located?

4900 N Taylor St Eloy AZ 85131

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